Pharmanolt 300 10ml 300mg/ml

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Dosage 300mg/ml
Total amount 10 ml vial
Component Nandrolone Propionate 60mg/ml; Nandrone Phenylpropionate 60mg/ml; Nandrolone Decanoate 90mg/ml; Nandrolone Laurat 90mg/ml

PharmaNolt 300
Nandrolone Mix Farmakom Labs, that’s how you can characterize PharmaNott, is not as popular as the Deca known to everyone. However, their fans have a steroid and they are completely satisfied with the effectiveness of this anabolic. Maximally profitable PharmaNolt 300 can be bought in our online pharmacy.

Properties and effects of PharmaNott
Start talking about the properties of the drug follows from its composition. As already mentioned above, it contains several (four) ether of Nandrolone: ​​Decanoate, Phenylpropionate, Laurate and Propionate. Some builders call it Sustanon based on Nandrolone. We can agree with this, because both drugs work according to the same scheme: each of the constituents of the ether compounds has its own half-life and all of them gradually come into operation.


Here are the main positive effects that the AAS under consideration has on the body:

Allows you to gain a large amount of muscle mass of good quality.

Has fat burning properties.

Eliminates pain in the joints.

Stimulates the processes of erythropoietin synthesis.

Strengthens bone and connective tissues.


From ourselves, we note that PharmaNold price should appeal to a large number of builders. Like all other anabolics, Nandrolone mix Farmakom has certain side effects. If you use it in accordance with the recommendations, the risks of their manifestation are insignificant. However, it is certainly worth remembering such an opportunity. The presence of progestagenic properties can lead to the development of gynecomastia. This is the most common side effect of estrogenic ones. In addition, with a certain genetics, there may be a negative effect such as deca-dick.

PharmaNold application and dosage rules

Recommended weekly dosages are in the range of 250-750 milligrams. Since the steroid is characterized by a long half-life, it can be set once a day. Let us recall progestagenic properties of the drug, which implies the introduction of the Kabergoline course. This is an excellent tool for combating progestagenic activity of Nandrolones and Trenbolones. You can also recommend using Proviron. Although the steroid is fragrant enough, it is better to be safe.


The anabolic has proved to be excellent in the composition of combined cycles. There are many options for using it. When choosing ligaments, it should be remembered that in the first place it is a mass-assembled AAS. It is quite obvious that in a similar situation it should be combined with the corresponding drugs. For example, a great deal of results will be provided by a bunch of PharmaNolt-Testosterone Enanthate.



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